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Album CoverSteven Alexander Ryan and Justin McGrath have at last released the duo’s full-length soundtrack for the Rob Sheridan authored graphic novel High Level. Available now via Federal Prisoner in digital and vinyl formats, the soundtrack presents 41 tracks clocking in at over 80 minutes of music composed by the two members of The Black Queen, with the 3-LP neon-colored vinyl edition limited to quantities of 500; 250 copies can be purchased via Bandcamp, while the other 250 are presented as part of a bundle package on Rob Sheridan’s webstore.


Novel CoverPublished by DC/Vertigo Comics, the 160-page trade paperback first volume of High Level collected the first six issues of the story and was released on February 11, along with the Ascension EP, showcasing eight selections from the full soundtrack; according to Ryan, the score was a year in the making, going on to say that he and McGrath “are beyond ecstatic for everyone to travel along this auditory journey.” Best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels, Sheridan had worked with Ryan and McGrath as an art and music video director for The Black Queen and Puscifer, with all three having served previously as touring techs with Nine Inch Nails. High Level was written by Sheridan with artwork by Barnaby Bagenda and coloring by Romula Fajardo, Jr.; the story takes place in a “Post-Post-Apocalypse,” centuries after the collapse of the American Empire, in which a smuggler by the name of Thirteen must deliver a child messiah to the titular city, the fabled metropolis of High Level where the wealthy and the powerful have hidden themselves away from the new human society attempting to rebuild itself.


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