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Less than a week after the electro/punk collective released its debut “Baphomet” single, Satanic Planet has released a special promotionl track and video to promote the forthcoming self-titled album in the form of a public service announcement. Featuring renowned entertainer, stunt performer, and animal advocate Steve-O of Jackass fame, the appropriately titled “Steve​-​O Takes a Trip to Satanic Planet” is now available as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp, with all the proceeds to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society, which provides sanctuary for animals that are homeless and have special needs. Within the track, Steve-O espouses on the meaning of life and the possibility of an afterlife, stating that “I’m going to stick with the people I love, and if that means I’m going to hell, then I’m down with Satan,” the spoken word set to an instrumental of spooky theremin, hip-hop beats, and Steve-O rhythmically chanting “Satan,” and the video created by Displaced/Replaced.


The band was founded by Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, after he joined forces with Three One G Records founder and prolific punk provocateur Justin Pearson and his Planet B band mate hip-hop producer Luke Henshaw. The trio were subsequently joined by legendary drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies) when his tour plans were canceled due to the pandemic, allowing him more studio time to collaborate. Satanic Planet’s self-titled debut album is due for release on May 28 via Three One G Records, and is now available to pre-order in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with the latter appearing in three limited edition variants, all now available for pre-order; additionally, The Satanic Temple will be releasing a fourth vinyl variant, also available to pre-order.


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