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From Scottsdale, AZ comes Staytus – the goth/industrial outlet of composer, vocalist, and producer Sam Grundemann – with the release of her debut album, Disease of the Mind. Drawing heavily on her degrees in audio production, visual art, and sound design, the album explains the album was a means “to cope with my mental health struggles,” its themes seeking an emotional catharsis from the pitfalls of heartbreak, resentment, and the dissolution of reality; she further comments that “Acknowledging your feelings of hurt, anger, and despair can help you move through them to find hope and relief.” In contrast to most artists and bands that release a single track weeks or months apart to build anticipation, Staytus has instead revealed three singles to present a broader sense of what Disease of the Mind has to offer – “Dreams From Hell” depicting anguish in the midst of repeated abuse, “Hourglass” begging for love and validation, and “Part of Me” dealing with love unrequited.



With Staytus having written and performed each of the album’s 13 songs entirely on her own, Disease of the Mind was mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Adam W. Berg of Manifest Music; Berg says of the artist, “A uniquely eclectic soundscape that delves into the many dark and raw corners of life in modern day society. Staytus beautifully stitches them together in a thought provoking sonic bath that is unforgettable.: She has also received accolades from Virgin Records’ Jared Woosley, and renowned producer Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, 3TEETH), who calls her ” a true musical auteur” and that she “shows us complete mastery of the tools of her trade and still gives us glimpses into a psychological chaos that lets us know the edge is omnipresent and inescapable.” Disease of the Mind is due for release on April 2.


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