Jun 2020 13

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Philadelphia electronic musician Ian R. Staer has announced the release of a new EP, titled Iterated Processes, in which the artist presents five pieces of experimental modular synthesis and eccentric tonal explorations. Mastered by Eric Oehler (Null Device, KLACK), the EP marks the artist’s first output under his own name, and as such, departs slightly from his usual output under the moniker of ST∆ER; he explains that “It’s reflective of a side of my creative persona that’s been dormant for the last few years: more ‘industrial,’ more dissonant, but still musical, still narrative without being overt in its symbolism and imagery.” Additionally, he comments that the EP draws inspiration from the chaos, oppression, and dread that has characterized much of 2020, Staer further stating that it also presents the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Iterated Processes is available for pre-order now via Bandcamp, with a release date of June 19; the EP will also be available via all other major digital outlets, with the Bandcamp edition including a *.pdf booklet and selections of accompanying artwork.


ST∆ER/Ian Staer
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