Feb 2012 14

Electronic music producer David Christian (Cervello Elettronico) has announced the creation of Squarewav, a new electronic music label. Squarewav’s maiden release will be Los Angeles EBM artist Bioassay’s single “My Old Friend” on February 21. “By focusing on a few selected tracks for each release, our goal is to gain the attention of target audiences consistently more often,” says Christian. “All efforts will be made to provide undiscovered talent with full international support and promotion to introduce their music to the masses. Any and all profits attained will go directly to the artist to increase their resources and better their means to continue producing music.” Squarewav is organizing release parties in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, London, Glasgow, Rome, and other selected cities.


Bioassay Website http://bioassaymusic.com
Bioassay Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bioassaymusic
Squarewav Website http://www.squarewav.com
Squarewav Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/SquareW%C4%81v/301087136571626
Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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