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Following the late 2020 release of the collection’s first volume, electro/industrial act SPANKTHENUN has announced a new volume of The Bunker Tapes, with “Off Beatings” serving as the first single. Released on October 1 and available to purchase/stream on Bandcamp, the single features a guest performance by Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutæ, Am Tierpark, Die Klute), mixed by his LÆBEL partner John R. Mirland; Larsen had previously collaborated with SPANKTHENUN having mixed the five original tracks on The Bunker Tapes Vol. 1, while the new single also features remixes of the track by U.S. act Batavia, Australia’s Hostile Architect, Rebel Empire from Mexico, and Canadian sensation Eva X, making for a blistering mix of divergent styles that incorporate EBM, goth, ’90s industrial, EBM, and even black metal – a 22-plus-minute blend that SPANKTHENUN’s Eric Hanes describes as “a little something for everyone in this dark music scene.” With SPANKTHENUN currently booking and performing live gigs, the “Off Beatings” single follows the previous volume’s “Dominate” single, released in February of this year. The Bunker Tapes Vol. 2 is due for release on October 27



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Claus Larsen/Leæther Strip
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