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Tour BannerStatic-X is nearing the end of the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour, adding a longtime friend to the roster of supporting acts – Hollywood industrial/alt. metal act Society 1. These shows mark the premiere of the band’s new lineup, with front man Matt Zane stating that he and the group are “exicted and humbled” to participate in the final run of shows celebrating the life and legacy of Static-X front man Wayne Static, along with the band’s 1999 Wisconsin Death Trip debut; he goes on to say, “I have known the guys from way back in the day when we all used to perform on the Sunset Strip, so to be able to do this all these years later is a unique blessing.” Along with fellow opening acts Davey Suicide and Wednesday 13, this second North American leg begins on December 10 in Salt Lake City, UT and concludes on December 18 in Fresno, CA; a full listing of tour dates can be found on the bands’ websites.
Zane directed the final three videos for Wayne Static’s Pighammer album, released in 2011, which made him a natural choice for the reformed band to create the videos for the new Static-X album, Project Regeneration. Featuring the last recordings of Wayne Static, Zane explains that the videos will also contain outtake footage and rotoscoping to present a visual resurrection to complement the music.

Album CoverFor the tour, Society 1 will be unveiling a series of singles from the band’s upcoming Black Level Six, along with a series of past crowd favorites. Shawn Barusch, founder of Society 1 management company Music Gallery International, expresses his pride in the band and that “this is just the first step in what will be a massive 2020 for Society 1,” going on to say that after a long period of trials and tribulations, the band is “back with a vengeance.” The band lineup now features Zane backed by guitarist John Arnold, bassist Jimmy Minj, and drummer Zhenya Pro.


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