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Album CoverHollywood industrial/alt. metal act Society 1 continues to reveal Black Level Six, the band’s long awaited sixth full-length album, through a continued streak of singles and music videos, with “Death Screams” being the latest offering. Directed by front man and acclaimed director Matt “The Lord” Zane, the video retains the band’s stylistic blend of darkly aggressive horror and unbridled eroticism, perfect for the Halloween season; with the video’s October 7 release coinciding with Zane’s birthday, he comments, “I wanted to release a song off the album and make a video that had kind of a horror movie vibe in the spirit of Halloween. Plus having it come out on my birthday is a great present to myself.” The video features the current band lineup of Zane on vocals, guitarist Johnny Pilz, drummer Zhenya Pro, and bassist Jimmy Minj, marking the second production video to feature this lineup after the “Get Up Again” video in August; also appearing in “Death Screams” is model Krystine Jett, while “Death Screams” can also be streamed on Spotify.

Album CoverRevolving around themes of recovery and perseverance from pain and suffering, Black Level Six follows up on the 2017 album Rise From the Dead and is due for release in 2021; past singles from the album include the aforementioned “Get Up Again,” “Bleed You Away,” and “Save Us.” Throughout 2020, the band has also been releasing a series of lockdown challenge videos, a cover of Corey Hart’s 1984 hit “Sunglasses at Night,” and the acoustic track “The Soul Searches,” while Zane collaborated with drummer Ty Dennis on a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Four Sticks” and with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels on the “It’s Life” single and music video.


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