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Following the band’s well received cover of the 1984 Corey Hart hit “Sunglasses at Night,” Matt Zane – founder and front man for Hollywood industrial/alt. metal act Society 1 – continues to put forth new recordings and maintain productivity through the continuing COVID-19 lockdowns. For this latest outing, he has collaborated with drummer Ty Dennis to take on the challenge of covering hard rock legends Led Zeppelin with the track “Four Sticks.” Appearing on the band’s classic fourth album, the song is widely regarded as one of Led Zeppelin’s most challenging tracks with its alternating time signatures of 5/8 and 6/8; as such, Dennis recorded his drum track in a single take with no post-production editing, the music video featuring the actual recording. Stating that he wanted people to actually see the real performance, Zane comments that “Ty is on another level” having performed the drums in this manner, “Musicians just don’t pull that kind of thing off anymore.” Of the experience, Dennis says, “What a thrill to reinterpret this classic Zeppelin song and dig in with our own hard rockin’ version,” further stating that he loved “having the opportunity to totally let loose and play some things that may surprise the listener.” The guitars, bass, and vocals were performed entirely by Zane himself, with Dennis referring to the performances as “killer.”

Dennis is best known for his tenure drumming for keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger – original members of The Doors – during the pair’s touring run from 2003 to 2013; the band lineup was fronted by The Cult vocalist Ian Astbury until 2007, with Manzarek-Krieger ending in 2013 following the keyboardist’s death that year. In 2016, Zane had begun work with Society 1 on a tribute album to The Doors, titled Not to Touch the Earth; although the album was never released, the band’s cover “Wild Child” sparked Krieger to say of Zane, “He’s a good singer.”


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