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Hollywood heavy rock act Society 1 has at last announced the final release for the long-awaited Black Level Six album in the form of a comprehensive teaser video. With pre-orders for the band’s sixth album now available, the record features 14 tracks containing the last known recordings of longtime bassist Dirt Von Karloff, who passed away in May of 2021 just days after celebrating his 48th birthday; as such, Black Level Six is dedicated to his memory, and acts as the official soundtrack for The Altered Noise documentary produced by vocalist and Society 1 founder Matt “The Lord” Zane. Zane refers to Black Level Six as an experimental album, explaining that Nirvana’s In Utero served as inspiration; “We heard they (Nirvana) recorded the album in six days,” Zane explains, “and of course, this was before Pro_Tools. So, some rules were set up for us, such as no vocal tune, and no copying and pasting vocals,” with legendary punk figure Greg Hetson (The Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) behind the mixing desk. Hetson comments, “Always cool to work on heavy guitar laden music. Doesn’t matter what genre. Some cool odd time signatures on this.” Justin Manning provided guitar solos on the sixth recording day.

Album CoverFollowing up on the band’s 2017 Rise From the Dead album, Society 1 has undergone numerous changes in the interim, most notably in the lineup, which currently features Zane on vocals, guitarist Johnny Pilz, drummer Zhenya Pro, and Jimmy Minj on bass. Videos and digital releases for the tracks “As I Die,” “Death Screams,” “Bleed You Away,” “I Never Saw You,” “Get Up Again,” and “Who Will Know?” all hinted at what Black Level Six has in store, with the album also featuring a cover of The Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus.” Due for release on April 6, the album will be released in digital formats, as well as in a deluxe engraved USB that contains additional material; pre-orders are available via Society 1’s webstore.


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