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My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult has announced the release of Sleazy Action, an album celebrating the band’s years on SleazeBox Records. With a release date of February 22, the album features previously unreleased remixes of the band’s music by founding member Buzz McCoy, along with tracks from the Bomb Gang Girlz and Darling Kandie side projects; the CD edition of Sleazy Action will be available to purchase on the band and label website. The collection follows the Sinister Whisperz trilogy released by the band over the course of the last decade, collecting various remixes of songs from Thrill Kill Kult’s different label associations prior to the foundation of SleazeBox Records in 2000. Sleazy Action also follows the band’s 2019 In the House of Strange Affairs, with the band now consisting of founders McCoy and Groovie Mann, drummer Justin Thyme (a.k.a. Justin Bennett), Mimi Star on bass, and Bomb Gang Girl Arena Rock.


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