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Setting the table for the electro/industrial duo’s Chapter III EP is the latest single and video from SKYND, titled “Armin Meiwes.” The case of the song’s namesake had garnered international attention in the early 2000s, as he had killed and eaten Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes, who had willingly volunteered to Meiwes via the internet; convicted of manslaughter in early 2004, Meiwes’ original sentence of eight-and-a-half years was expanded to life imprisonment following a conviction of murder in the 2006 retrial, due partially to his videotaping of the crime. Although never released to the public due to its gruesome content, SKYND took inspiration from it for the “Armin Meiwes” video, once again turning to Grammy-nominated director P.R. Brown to present a distorted and lurid depiction of the Rotenburg Cannibal, the lyrics a sardonic recitation of a darkly enticing and forbidden recipe. Joining Skynd and Father in the video is actor Saladin Dellers in the role of “Der Metzgermeister” (“The Master Butcher”).

“Armin Meiwes” marks the fourth single from SKYND’s forthcoming Chapter III EP, following “Chris Watts,” “Michelle Carter,” and “Columbine.” The band had originally debuted the song live in February at a performance in the O2 Academy Islington, London. Furthermore, SKYND will be performing in Germany at the Full Force Festival in Gräfenhainichen (June 24-26) and the Deichbrand Festival in Wurster Nordseeküste (July 21-24); the band will then embark on a European Tour in September, with a full listing of dates and ticket links available via the SKYND website.
Other bands to take inspiration from the Armin Meiwes case include Rammstein, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, and death metal acts Bloodbath, Macabre, and Mind Affliction. The incident also has been referenced comedically in programs like The IT Crowd, Peep Show, 30 Rock, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as being mentioned (perhaps appropriately) in an episode of Hannibal, and has served as the subject for several stage plays and even a musical.


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