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Hollywood industrial/metal act Skum Love has announced the release of a new single, “Filthy,” as a tribute to longtime friend and guitarist Garrison Fagro. Produced by Roman Marisak (Professional Murder Music) and mastered by renowned engineer Maor Appelbaum, the song stands as the the last piece of music recorded by Fagro before his death of complications from diabetes on June 8. “Filthy” was according to the band’s founder and namesake “one of the first songs I ever wrote, but each time it came up to play live or to record, it just did not feel right and was put on the back burner.” The track was intended to feature on Skum Love’s 2016 Sinister Minister, “but for some reason it was lost in the mix and only to be found again last year when we began playing again,” with the single now serving as Fagro’s swan song and a means of dealing with his loss. “Filthy” is due for release on August 15 and can be previewed on SoundCloud.


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