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Never an artist to let any form of adversity thwart his creative path, industrial/rock artist SKOLD has released a new video in which he literally cheats death. “Don’t Pray For Me” comes off of his newly released Dead God album, with the video seeing Tim Sköld facing off against various ways to die, acting as a metaphorical depiction of his resilience and perseverance; among the fatalities he endures are a drug overdose in an opulent hotel room, murder by bathtub electrocution and drowning, self-mutilation via the Japanese ritual suicide of Seppuku, as a paranoid tycoon brandishing a gold-plated assault rifle, as a military soldier, and a game of Russian Roulette against 3TEETH front man Alexis Mincolla. Through all of these vignettes, Sköld is shown in the back of an ambulance, ultimately surviving as the song’s title and chorus shout defiance and independence.

“Don’t Pray For Me” was directed by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films, marking SKOLD’s latest collaboration with the eminent company after his previous videos for “Dirty Horizon” from last year’s Dies Irae and “Small World” from 2019’s Never Is Now, as well as the “Ashes” and “Sowing Discord” videos from Sköld’s Not My God collaboration with Psyclon Nine’s Nero Bellum. Dead God was released on April 15 via Cleopatra Records and is currently available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, as well as in a special bundle with Dies Irae; a demo form of the album was famously leaked in 2002, initially intended to be the follow-up to SKOLD’s self-titled 1996 debut. Tim Sköld is currently on tour with industrial legends Front Line Assembly performing live guitars on the band’s Mechanical Soul Tour.


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