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After making waves with a series of singles and EPs, Cajun electro/industrial artist Bug Gigabyte has at least released his first full-length album under the SINthetik Messiah moniker. Taking inspiration from ambient and drone music from around the world, the appropriately titled Ambient Noize features 18 tracks created through a combination of field recordings, software synthesizers, and even iPhone apps; additionally, each track was transferred to tape at 30 IPS (inches per second), with Grammy nominated engineer, musician, and producer Joe Haze (The Banishment, Lords of Acid, Primitive Race) mastering the album through analog equipment. Released on April 13 and available to purchase on Bandcamp, Gigabyte warns that although Ambient Noize was designed to be listened to through headphones, doing so “may cause a form of psychosis.”


SINthetik Messiah
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