Nov 2019 27

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Blending various elements of industrial, electro, rock, and pop, Cajun act SINthetik Messiah has unveiled a collection of demo recordings and unreleased remixes, titled The Day After Today. Available as a “name-your-price” item on Bandcamp, all proceeds from the collection will go directly to the Distabled American Veterans charity, which supports and subsidizes veterans in need of employment, medical assistance, rehabilitation from substance abuse, and temporary housing. SINthetik Messiah founder Bug Gigabyte states that “Our country and/or government hasn’t done enough” for the veterans of U.S. military service, further expressing his love and respect and that the album is intended to raise awareness for issues they face; he goes on to say, “To my international fans, when your brother, sister, mother, or dad serves for their country and they come back to you, be there for them, help them heal, help them get back to a normal life.”


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The Disabled American Veterans Charity
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