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Cajun industrial/electro act has unveiled its latest single, titled “Black Sheep.” On the track, band founder Bug Gigabyte has enlisted the aide of longtime friend Hart Fortenbery, best known from the SyFy Channel show Deep South Paranormal; containing snippets of the pair’s conversation that led to their cooperation on the track (which took place at Hart’s home – the “Swamp Pop Palace” – while consuming copious amounts of whiskey), “Black Sheep” draws on Gigabyte’s attempts to describe Fortenberry’s life, conveying the concept of an outsider in the family, “the one that took ‘a different path.’ In this, Gigabyte describes Fortenberry in the simplest terms as “minimal yet complex in a way only a shaman can understand.”

The track’s structure also presents Gigabyte’s attempts to pay homage to influential electronic act The Prodigy in reverance to front man Keith Flint, taking inspiration from the band’s sense of structure and sound design. “Black Sheep” was mixed and mastered by producer/musician Joe Haze (Lords of Acid, Primitive Race), with cover artwork created by Rob Walden Design.


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