Oct 2020 27

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Album CoverItalian artist Paolo Prevosto has released a new EP under his moniker of Simulakrum Lab, titled Night Fight. Containing two instrumental tracks, the EP furthers the artist’s fascination and homage to the synthesizer experiments and soundscapes of the horror and sci-fi cinema soundtracks of the late ’70s and early ’80s; as such, the opening title track features Prevosto collaborating with skilled keyboardist Cody Carpenter, the son of renowned director and musician John Carpenter, while the second track, “Backfire” features Sanremo bassist Fulvio Gaslini. The Night Fight EP is now available to purchase via Bandcamp, and marks the third release from Simulakrum Lab in 2020. Prevosto had previously collaborated with Cody Carpenter on 2019’s Simulakrum Lab II.


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