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The Cleveland-based electro duo of She 1 – Him 2 made quite an impact with their vibrant cover of David Bowie’s 1975 hit “Fame.” Now, Evan Nave and Cassie Bishop have followed up with “Stuck Inside,” on which the band worked with Grammy winning producer Michael Seifert (Chuck Mosley, Tori Amos, Paul Simon). Thematically, the song addresses the cycles of negativity one experiences, allowing them to become habits, and the challenges in breaking free from them. Released on July 26, featuring cover artwork by Steven Archer (Stoneburner, Ego Likeness), and available to purchase/stream on Bandcamp and all major online services, “Stuck Inside” is She 1 – Him 2’s second single of 2022 after “Fame,” and fourth overall after “Spoken Words to Light” and “Split the Line.” The pair plans to reveal one more single this year, with all five singles amounting to a fully-fledged debut EP from She 1 – Him 2.



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