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Song and Legend can perhaps be counted as one of the most prophetically appropriate album titles in the annals of the genre, its release in 1983 marking the arrival of one of gothic rock’s most enduring entities, Sex Gang Children. Now, the band will be paying tribute to the auspicious debut with a special performance celebrating its 40th anniversary at the 100 Club in London on October 20; joined by Rubella Ballet and Tiss Vampiric as support acts, Sex Gang Children will be performing the landmark album in its entirety, the band’s current incarnation including original members Andi Sex Gang, Terry MacLeay, and Rob Stroud, but with the exception of bassist Dave Roberts. Song and Legend was heralded almost immediately as one of the definitive records in the realm of goth and post-punk, with Ian Astbury (The Cult, Southern Death Cult) notably referring to Andi Sex Gang as “the Gothic Goblin” due to his darkness, stature, and his then residence at the Visigoth Towers in Brixton; “He lived on the top floor of an old Victorian house,” Astbury further explains, “We’d go up there for tea and he’d be in a Chinese robe with black eye makeup on and his hair done up, playing Edith Piaf records. We had this vision of him as Count Visigoth in his tower, holding court. At the time, Dave Dorrell from the NME heard us calling Andi ‘Count Visigoth’ and his followers Goths, so that’s what he called everyone in the scene.” From the album, Rolling Stone ranked “Sebastiane” in the #15 spot on the publication’s 50 Best Goth Songs of All Time. Further information on Sex Gang Children’s upcoming performance, including ticket purchases, can be found on The 100 Club website. The band will then embark on an anniversary tour with dates now scheduled throughout November in Athens, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Bristol; more dates are currently being scheduled, with a full listing available via the Sex Gang Children website. A 2018 reissue of Song and Legend by Cleopatra Records, featuring the album’s original 13 tracks supplemented by four bonus tracks, is now available in digital and vinyl formats.


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