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North Dakota industrial/rock act Seven Federations has been steadily slithering its way through the scene over the last three years, with founder Todd C. Ruzicka now poised to unleash the band’s third full-length onslaught. Bengamin presents seven new tracks that build upon Seven Federations’ boisterous and in-your-face sound, all written, recorded, and mixed by Ruzicka at The Hermitage in Fargo; true to his categorization of the band’s style, Bengamin continues to pursure gnostic themes, although with a subtler, and even quirkier mindset to make the album “desparately heavy and strangely fun.” Stating that the album is “chock full of hooks, riffs, and even some tap dancing (yes, I said tap dancing),” Ruzicka also employed the mastering prowess of Attrition’s Martin Bowes to make Bengamin the loudest and most audibly punishing record from Seven Federations yet. Due for release on June 21, the album follows up on the 2019 debut The Arrival and 2020’s Holy Orders, as well as the 2021 standalone single “The Last Professional.”


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