Mar 2018 03

Serbia's dreDDup teases new album, first to feature new lineup
Fresh off of two years of touring, Serbian industrial/rock group dreDDup is back in the studio for the band’s eighth album, Soyuz. The band plans to release one of the album’s 10 planned tracks as a single each month, leading up to the full release at the end of 2018. The first song, “Run Baby Run,” up now on dreDDup’s YouTube channel, is an insistently danceable dark cocktail of retro inspired and menacing elements roiling beneath seductively brutal growled lyrics. Soyuz marks the first dreDDup album to be recorded by the current lineup of vocalist/programmer Inquisitor, guitarist Van Alen, bassist Gemini, and boRA on drums. DeathOven: Rebels Have No Kings, dreDDup’s previous album, was released in April of 2016 via Crime:Scene Records.


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