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On Friday, March 5, Emily Lazar – front woman of transmedia project September Mourning – launched a series of limited edition music and animation NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the OpenSea platform, dubbing them “The Soul Collection.” NFTs are unique, limited edition digital pieces of authenticated art, similar to cryptocurrencies, which can be sold or traded, but not duplicated, and can appreciate in value like original pieces of physical art. Just as September Mourning blends music, graphic art, animation, and live performance, so too do the pieces combine animation and music from the December 2020 single “Don’t Wake the Dead,” with one version giving a slight nod to the Bitcoin and Ethereum meme culture. As well, NFTs give a portion of each sale back to the artist, rewarding creators as their art appreciates in price “so you are always supporting them both monetarily and promotionally” – this stands in contrast to the traditional model of physical art sales in which a piece may sell for several times the original price, but sold for many thousands of dollars at auction, ultimately giving nothing back to the artist when it’s sold. Lazar explains that “as a touring musician stuck in a pandemic where there’s no touring, I need to find new ways to express myself and share my art with the world and possibly have it appreciate in value. NFT’s provide all of this.”
Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has also recently participated in releasing NFTs, explaining that “You don’t own the ‘song’ or ‘master’ or ‘copyright,’ but you own the file. For example, if I write an original lyric on a piece of paper, I own that lyric. If you buy that piece of paper, you own that paper. And it is one-of-a-kind. In this case, you get a certificate of authenticity via blockchain that you are the sole owner.”


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