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Post-industrial project Seeming has announced the release of its third full-length album, The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity, with the introductory single, “Remember to Breathe,” now available to stream. On this new record, the project’s core lineup of Alex Reed and Aaron Fuleki are joined by renowned avant-garde percussionist and co-producer Sarah Hennies, along with Bill Drummond of The KLF; as such, the album features the first recorded vocals by Drummond in two decades on the track “Learn to Vanish.” Recorded in various locations in Ithaca, NY, Amsterdam, and the south of France, the album, the album chronicles what Reed refers to as “the struggle to remain alive and sane while coping with Earth’s insanity and cruelty. But it also brims with reminders of how to survive another day.” Due for release on August 21 via Artoffact Records, the label will also be releasing Monster as a bonus companion, which will showcase Reed’s more “sprawling” songs; The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity is available for pre-order in CD and digital formats via Bandcamp.


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