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What was one of the most hotly anticipated albums of 1998 is at last receiving the vinyl treatment 25 years later; heralded as one of the great collaborations of the industrial music scene, ℞ brought together Nivek Ogre and Martin Atkins in a one-off project that produced the 1998 Bedside Toxicology album. Now, Secret Records will be reissuing this momentous record in a limited edition of 700 copies pressed on gold and black swirled vinyl. A deluxe edition, limited to a couple hundred hand-numbered copies, will includes a bonus LP of remixes created by Atkins in 2006; these remixes were originally featured on the Dubs album, which was limited to 500 copies and released by Atkins via his Underground Inc. imprint. These new editions of Bedside Toxicology will be packaged in a gatefold jacket, with Steven R. Gilmore having painstakingly redesigned the artwork from his original files. Pre-orders for the 25th anniversary edition of Bedside Toxicology will begin this Friday at 12:00pm noon CST on Bandcamp.
Ogre and Atkins had previously worked together live and in the studio several times in Skinny Puppy, MINISTRY, and Pigface, with this collaboration initally formed under the name of Ritalin; the name was changed to ℞ or Rx following a cease and desist order from the makers of the actual Ritalin drug. Bedside Toxicology was released on May 19, 1998 via Invisible Records, with several tracks featuring guest performances by Jason McNinch (Project .44, Lick, Pigface) and Lee Fraser (Sheep on Drugs).


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