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The impact of Welsh act Lustmord on the worlds of experimental sound and dark ambient music is undeniable, with Pelagic Records having announced late last month the release of The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed], a collection of remixes and reinterpretations centering on the artist’s 2008 effort, [ O T H E R ]. The reveal of Bohren & Der Club of Gore’s rendition of “Plateau” marks the album’s second single, the doom/jazz band incorporating elements of eerily pensive piano and saxophone passages with Arabian horns and Lustmord’s trademark swells of sustained ambience, the monochromatic and minimalist video providing an appropriately stark accompaniment. Both this and the introductory single of Godflesh’s remix of “Ashen” are available to preview stream on Bandcamp, where digital copies of The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] can be pre-ordered; CD and vinyl pre-orders are available via Pelagic Records’ webstore, with the album due for release on April 1.


Besides Godflesh and Bohren & Der Club of Gore, the album features remixes by Ihsahn, Zola Jesus, hackedepiciotto, Årabrot, Steve Von Till, Ulver, and more. As well as a standalone release, The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] is also part of the expansive box set for The Other, which will be released on April 1 in a nine-LP vinyl edition limited to 630 copies, and a five-disc CD edition limited to 350 copies. The collection features the [ O T H E R ] album, originally released in 2008 via Hydra Head Records, as well as the [B E Y O N D] and [ The Dark Places of the Earth ] ambient remix companions, a slipmat, pin, sticker, and patch. As Lustmord’s tenth studio record, [ O T H E R ] featured guest guitar performances by TOOL’s Adam Jones, King Buzzo of The Melvins, and Hydra Head founder and Isis front man Aaron Turner.


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