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Following the “Complicit” single released in March, Colin Cameron Allrich follows up with the latest single from Slighter, titled “Spill Blood.” Accompanied by an animated lyric video, the song is the second single from the forthcoming VOID album, with the track presenting the project’s signature blend of dark synth textures and disaffected vocals, the hooks at once brooding and melodic, the beats intricate yet catchy. Released via Bandcamp on April 2, “Spill Blood” was written, performed, produced, and mastered by Allrich, with the video once again created by Christy Hannon.


With themes that continue from where 2019’s Automata left off, VOID is due for release later in 2021 via Allrich’s Confusion Inc. imprint in digital formats. The album will feature collaborations with the aforementioned Hannon, as well as R.A. Desilets, bodegaBLVK, and Fatigue, with plans to crowdfund a vinyl edition via Qrates. Additionally, this year has seen the release of the standalone “Cold Calculation” single, available on Bandcamp.


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