Apr 2019 26

Second of four video EP series released by Divine Shade
Having announced plans to release the In the Dust EP as a series of music videos, French industrial/rock act Divine Shade has revealed the second video, “Eternel.” Following up on the “In the Dust” video released in November 2018, the mmonochromatic video continues the narrative with occultish imagery set to the band’s blend of caustic, mechanical dirges topped off by droning vocals and down-tuned guitar textures. In “Eternel,” the main character, having participated in a bloody ritual or procession in the preceding video finds himself pursued by the demonically masked figures in the woods, starkly contrasting with the industrial warehouse setting of “In the Dust.” Like the previous video, “Eternel” was directed by Gary Fossier-Renna and produced by Ziker (Nicolas Sonnier), with plans for a third and fourth video to be released in spring; the full EP will be made available upon the release of the fourth and final video.


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