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Originally released in October 1988, Christian Death’s Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ is an album whose history is adorned with great controversy; from its iconic cover art depicting Jesus Christ with a needle in his arm to its lyrical themes encouraging rebellion against oppression and corruption, resulting in banned and protest gigs, record companies changing the artwork, burned records, and even bomb threats, it ironically went on to become the band’s highest selling record of the decade. Now, with the original album long out-of-print, Season of Mist has announced a limited edition gatefold vinyl reissue of the death rock classic, due to be released on September 25; presented in three color variants, with the first pressing of standard black numbering 600 copies, 300 for the dark green, and 100 for the clear version, all of which can be pre-ordered via the Season of Mist webstore.
Album CoverChristian Death front man Valor Kand states that although the image wasn’t intended to disrespect anyone’s religious beliefs, the image of Jesus taking drugs is “a conflict of righteousness.” He goes on to say that its non-conformist attitudes to not accept the world at face value and to dig deeper for the truth was meant to “reach a few people and let them explore the inner depths of meaning that has been accumulated for over 1,700 years.” The image itself was inspired by true events, with Jesus portrayed by model Bonano, a friend of Kand’s who was also at the time a heroin addict; during the album’s recording, Bonano’s girlfriend was in the throes of a heroin overdose, her life ultimately saved by Kand performing CPR on her – a profound experience for the musician, with the band considering the cover image to be an important statement. Despite this, Germany’s Normal Records refused to issue Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ with this image, instead using an alternate cover that has ultimately been disavowed by Christian Death.
Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ is Christian Death’s sixth full-length album, with Kand joined by Gitane Demone on vocals and keyboards, bassist Kota, and drummer Webz. The band – now consisting of Kand and bassist/vocalist Maitri – is currently working on new material as a follow-up to 2015’s The Root of All Evilution, tentatively titled The Evil Becomes You.


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