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Having released The Darkness EP in December 2018, Scandroid – the synthwave moniker of producer/musician Klayton – now teases the upcoming EP, The Light, with the release of a new single. Complete with an accompanying lyric video, “Writing’s On the Wall” presents the project’s blend of striking vocal and synth melodies, set to crisp urbanesque and cinematic atmospheres, the bass line at times reminiscent of The Eurhythmics hit “Sweet Dreams.” “Writing’s On the Wall” marks the first official single from The Light EP, following the Tommy ’86 remix for “New York City Nights” released in September; the original mix of “New York City Nights” and the preceding “Time Crime” were originally released in advance of a third full-length album, The Darkness and The Light – both singles were not present on The Darkness EP, but will presumably be featured on The Light, along with “Writing’s On the Wall.” Not unlike the self-titled 2016 debut and 2017 Monochrome albums, The Darkness and The Light EPs have their thematic sights set on a retro-futuristic cyberpunk nightlife world akin to the sci-fi of the early-to-mid ’80s.



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