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Long considered legends in the world of black metal, Satyricon has often challenged the parameters of that categorization. Five years after the Norwegian duo’s last album, now the band embarks on a new creative venture with front man and founder Satyr crafting 56 minutes of “a so-called musical work” for an art exhibition at the esteemed Munch Museum in Oslo, dedicated to the works of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch; now available on all digital platforms, Satyricon & Munch presents an auditory accompaniment to the critically acclaim exhibit of the same title, with Satyr explaining that the music is an emotional response to the artist’s works, calling the album “not only a consequence of the making of an exhibition, but also a reflection of my studies of Edvard Munch’s life and philosophy on the making of art.” Relating Munch’s emphasis on feeling over technique to Satyricon’s own approach and the notion of black metal being a genre without limits, Satyricon & Munch presents some of the band’s most diverse instrumentation, including analog synthesizers, theremin, grand piano, cello, clarinet, viola, and jouhikko to name but a few. The art exhibit will be on display at Munch until August 28, 2022, while physical copies of Satyricon & Munch can be pre-ordered now via Napalm Records – these include CD, two-LP black vinyl, along with transparent and monolithic grey variants each limited to 300 copies, a picture LP edition limited to 500 copies, and a deluxe box set. More information on the exhibit can be found on the Munch Museum website. Satyricon’s last album of new material, 2017’s Deep Calleth Upon Deep had used as its cover art an obscure illustration drawn by Munch in 1898.



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