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Album CoverThe Electronic Saviors compilation series may have reached its conclusion, Distortion Productions has not stopped the fight to eventually make cancer a thing of the past. Focusing now on concept collections and releases, the imprint has announced its latest effort, the “Breath of You” single featuring a duet by Sapphira Vee and Cat Hall of Dissonance. Due for release on October 29 in observance of Women’s Cancer Awareness Month, all proceeds from the single will benefit the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) – with Hall being a survivor of cervical cancer, stating bluntly that “Cancer sucks,” Vee comments that she was pleased at the opportunity to collaborate with her. The single will also featured several remixes, not the least of which will be Dissonance collaborator and fellow Electronic Savior Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau), who had lost his mother to cervical cancer; other remixers include regular Dissonance associates Melodywhore and Federico Balducci, as well as Ratio Strain, and Jules Seifert (Der Prosector, Epic Audio Media, Armalyte Industries).
Jim Semonik had founded Electronic Saviors in 2010 as he was undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer. Since then, the compilation series had raised funds for various charities devoted to research and treatment for various types of cancer – the Foundation For Cancer Research and Wellness and Bone Marrow Foundation – and associating with other causes related to the industrial music community like Darkest Before Dawn and numerous GoFundMe campaigns. Electronic Saviors has donated in excess of $100,001 to these causes and organizations. The series has continued with the Respect the Prime tribute to the soundtrack to the 1986 animated The Transformers: The Movie, as well as the Synthcore Dreams soundtrack to the Jeremy Frazier authored graphic novel of the same name, and the Draven’s Mixtape: 1994 Revisited tribute to 1994’s The Crow soundtrack. Prior to the “Breath of You” single, Sapphira Vee’s latest output was the Duet EP, released on July 2, featuring Semonik, Mike Reidy (W.O.R.M., The Joy Thieves), and the legendary Chris Connelly, as well as remixes by Melodywhore, Caustic, Eva X, and The Joy Thieves; Hall’s latest Dissonance release was the two-assault Damage EP collaboration with Melodywhore released in January and February of this year, featuring remixes by Vee, Dogtablet, ESA, Steven OLaf, SPANKTHENUN, REVillusion, and Machines with Human Skin.




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