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Among the many cancellations necessitated by the global pandemic was the 2020 Sanctuary Festival, so it is with great pleasure that ReGen Magazine has the opportunity to present the New Music Madness event. Scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 20 via Twitch, the SancFest program will be showcasing a bevy of new music released over the course of the last year; among the bands performing will be Project .44, Stoneburner, Angelspit, CHANT, Choke Chain, and Pigface, along with sets by DJ/VJ Subspace, and DJ Rexx Arkana. More information can be found on the Facebook event page.
As part of our special promotion of the event, ReGen Magazine is proud to unveil a special Spotify playlist featuring bands and musicians helping to make this livestream event a reality.


Track list:

  1. Angelspit – “Love to Watch”
  2. Project .44 – “Faction/Discord” [EN ESCH Unity Mix]
  3. Stoneburner – “Lupus Invocat Lupus”
  4. Pigface – “I Hate You In Real Life Too”
  5. CHANT – “The Sidelines”
  6. MGT & Chris Connelly – “How Long”
  7. Fallon Bowman – “Simulacrima”
  8. Ruby – “Flippin’ Tha Bird” [Burdy Flippin’ Hood Mix]
  9. Gaelynn Lea – “Rebuild”
  10. Chris Connelly – “The Hypnotic Stand-By”
  11. Project .44 – “Bastard”
  12. Choke Chain – “Grave”
  13. FGFC820 – “Revolt Resist”
  14. CHANT – “Primetime Annihilation”
  15. Ego Likeness – “Darkness” [Out Out vs. Stoneburner Rework]
  16. Pigface – “Mind Your Own Business” [DJ? Acucrack Remix]
  17. Angelspit (feat. Miss Ballistic) – “Easy”


Be sure to visit and follow ReGen Magazine on Spotify, and keep checking back for a new playlist.


Sanctuary Festival
Facebook, SancFest Twitch Channel
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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