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Making its premiere on Alternative Press is the latest music video from electro/rock and dark pop artist Sammi Doll. Written with 8mm members Sean and Juliette Beavan, the track showcases Doll’s blend of industrialized dance beats and her dynamic vocal range, with themes revolving around French sociologist Emile Durkheim’s Anomie Theory, which touches on the resulting disintegration from the lack of satisfaction with the expectations and demands of existence held by individuals in a society; “We, more than ever, live within an anomic society,” Doll comments, “and we are our own worst enemies.” Having worked with the likes of IAMX, Bullet Heights, Kat Von D, and the “Perfect Replacement” collaboration with Josie Pace earlier this year, “AN OM IE” marks Doll’s first completely solo outing. She states that “the first melody and word to come to my head was ‘ENEMY’… which switches later in the song to become ‘AN OM IE.'”

Album CoverThe video presents a series of conceptual and darkly artistic vignettes, with Doll commenting that she “wanted to create something beautifully artistic and visually unsettling.” Helmed by director Ron Underwood (9Electric), “AN OM IE” was shot over the course of four months during the COVID-19 lockdowns, “so we had the luxury of time to build on the characters.” Doll goes on to say, “I really give my blood, insomnia, and tears to everything I do artistically and tend to think about the consequences later… but I knew I was committed when a frozen octopus from Seattle showed up at my front door…”
The “AN OM IE” single was released on October 2 and is available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. In addition, Doll and her band performed at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood, CA on September 12, with the full livestream now available to watch on YouTube.


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