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The duo of Ciara Adams and Ali Jafri, collectively known as Saintfield, has today unveiled a debut EP, titled Into the World. Blending varying styles of neo-classical, post-punk, and elements of Celtic and Eastern sounds, the band’s music seeks to create an alternative reality – an “alt-world” – that is sure to appeal to fans of Dead Can Dance and Faith and the Muse. In the band’s own words, “Our music juxtaposes elements of the feminine and masculine, light and dark, loud and quiet,” with the life partners drawing on their collective experiences as professional artists and multi-cultural families; “Saintfield’s creative work reflects our belief in inclusion.”

Produced by Jafri and Adams, with mixing by Reza Moghaddas and mastering by Justin Gray, the EP features guest performances by renowned cellist Anne Bourne and Ed Hanley on Tabla percussion. Into the World is now available to purchase via Bandcamp, with a live concert companion, recorded at Toronto’s The Music Gallery and directed by Grain Fed Films’ Adrian Smith, available to those who sign up to the band’s mailing list. Saintfield is also planning a full-length album release for 2022.
A visual media artist and multi-instrumentalist, Jafri has been a featured member of David J.’s live band during the Vagabond Vigilantes Tour in 2017, and performing rock-sitar in Pigface in 2019. Adams is an accomplished vocalist and theatrical creator, having studied at Queen’s University and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and performing and touring numerous theatrical ensembles and projects in the U.K. and Canada. The pair formed Saintfield in 2018, the project making its debut that year with R.U.X. (aRe yoU Experienced).


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