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There’s a certain power and dignity to one who brings an artistic legacy to its conclusion on their own terms; such is the case with German industrial artist and actor Rüdiger Schuster, who released on July 11 the appropriately titled Schuster III – Final Ten Industrial Tracks. Having established himself over 40 years in such acts as U.L.A.A., Stumpff, and Unlucky Childz, Schuster brings a decidedly straightforward and primeval mentality to his sound, eschewing quantization or any kind of digital editing in favor of a live and raw authenticity. This latest album concludes Schuster’s trilogy of solo releases that began earlier this year with the first two parts offering reissues of his 2008 and 2018 releases, respectively. Produced with programmer and co-writer Thomas Nihil (Nihil Media, Ibyss) and mastered by Ben Blutzukker, Schuster III – Final Ten Industrial Tracks is the culmination of the artist’s near-death experience resulting from a cerebral haemorrhage; adding to this sense of finality to Schuster’s career (and perhaps his very life), the album artwork features authentic medical scans of his injuries, assembled and stylized by German designer Pixelbreed (Deadcibel, [:SITD:], Funker Vogt). With additional noise from band member Flexxxis Maschine, background vocals on “Deranged” by Nadine Scheffler, and mastering by Ben Blutzukker, Schuster III – Final Ten Industrial Tracks is now available digitally via Bandcamp.



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