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Novel CoverToday, February 11 marks the official release of High Level, the critically acclaimed graphic novel written by Rob Sheridan. With artwork by Barnaby Bagenda – with contributions by Amancay Nahuelpan and Omar Francia – and coloring by Romula Fajardo, Jr., the story is described by the tagline “Welcome to the Post-Post-Apocalypse,” set centuries after the collapse of the American Empire; the story follows the efforts of a smuggler named Thirteen as she must deliver a child messiah to the titular city of High Level, a fabled metropolis where the wealthy and the powerful have hidden themselves away from the new human society attempting to rebuild itself. Published by DC/Vertigo Comics, the first volume of High Level, collecting the first six issues of the story, is presented in a 160-page trade paperback edition; an encyclopedia section containing further information about the series’ lore and characters is included in this collection.
Sheridan is perhaps best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels, acting as the art director for both bands – in this capacity, he responsible for creating artwork and packaging, photography, web design, and directing music videos, as well as assisting Trent Reznor with the Year Zero alternate reality game in 2007. He is also the man responsible for the “Dancing Baby”, which is often credited as the first internet meme.

Album CoverIn addition, an original score composed by Steven Alexander Ryan and Justin McGrath, titled the Ascension EP is also available. The EP features eight selections from a full-length 35-track vinyl album due for release in Spring 2020, with all eight tracks available to preview on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Ryan and McGrath are both members of The Black Queen, for which Sheridan had directed the music video for “Ice to Never.” He had also created visuals for Puscifer of which McGrath was a member; like Sheridan, Ryan and McGrath have history serving as touring techs with Nine Inch Nails. Most recently, McGrath revived his Polyfuse moniker for the release of the Does Not Work album in December 2019, now available via Bandcamp.



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