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Nearly a decade since the band’s dissolution due to the death of front man Peter Steele, gothic/metal band Type O Negative has announced the release of a retrospective box set, titled None More Negative. The collection features the complete Type O Negative discography on Roadrunner Records – all six studio albums remastered and presented as double-LP sets pressed on green-and-black mixed colored vinyl approved by the surviving members; additionally, the set includes a new outer slip case design, fold-out poster, insert with credits, and backstage laminate. This marks the first time the 1999 World Coming Down and 2003 Life Is Killing Me albums will be made available in vinyl, while 1992’s The Origin of the Feces (Not Live at Brighton Beach) will feature the original cover art, which had been altered upon its reissue in 1994 due to its controversial image of Steele’s anal sphincter. None More Negative was originally packaged in November 2011 as a Record Store Day exclusive with only 1,000 copies pressed, making it extremely rare and expensive for collectors – as such, this new edition is limited to 5,000 copies, with pre-orders available via Run Out Groove, and a release date of September 20. The set does not feature the band’s final album Dead Again from 2007 as it had been released via SPV/Steamhammer Records after Type O’s long tenure with Roadrunner Records had ended.
Celebrating the unboxing of the vinyl set, metal publication The Pit will be showcasing a livestream event featuring Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly and guitarist Kenny Hickey answering questions submitted by fans. Hosted by Jami Morgan and Dom Landolina of Pittsburgh hardcore act Code Orange, the livestream will take place on Tuesday, September 3 at 3:00pm EDT via Roadrunner Records’ Twitch Channel and The Pit‘s Facebook; The Pit is also currently hosting a giveaway for the None More Negative collection wherein fans based in the U.K. can win a copy.
Type O Negative was founded in 1989 by keyboardist Josh Silver and bassist/vocalist Peter Steele after the breakup of Steele’s previous band, Brooklyn hardcore act Carnivore. Steele died of heart failure in April 2010, with the band subsequently announcing its end in November of that year.


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