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March 4 saw the release of Live at Iklectik, chronicling the hypnotic live performance of experimental post-industrial artist Emilie Verbieze under her Riotmiloo moniker. Available now as a digital album and a special limited edition DVD, ReGen Magazine is pleased to present this excerpt from the performance – opening track “The Fall” – as a showcase of what audiences can expect from this audiovisual journey. Verbieze’s abrasive vocals and sonic constructions are given added weight by the overlapping projections and double exposure work of visual artist Jessica Hosman, recorded in 2019 as part of a special performance at the non-profit creative platform Iklectik.

According to Riotmiloo, “Live at Iklectik was reworked during lockdowns as a therapy to missing gigs,” with the “Kollector Edition” DVD enhancing Jessica Hosman’s visuals to emphasize the eerie atmosphere of the performance. Limited to 60 copies and housed in a tin box, Live at Iklectik also includes additional live footage, a booklet, sticker, postcard, and the digital edition of the album. Four of the seven tracks on Live at Iklectik can be heard in their original studio versions on Riotmiloo’s debut album, La Pierre Soudée; released via Ant-Zen in 2015, that album featured guest appearances by the likes of Dirk Ivens (Dive, Absolute Body Control), Philipp Münch (Synascape, The Rorschach Garden), Till Brüggemann (Krank, Boom Factory), Jamie Blacker (ESA), Eva|3, Chrysalide, and more.


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