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Following up on her widely acclaimed 2019 debut, L.A. new romantic and synthpop artist RIKI has announced her highly anticipated sophomore album, titled Gold. With lyrics drawing on what the artist describes as “very much what’s going on in my life, things I wanted to say, but didn’t have the platform,” Gold presents RIKI further refining her songwriting craft, with melancholic atmospheres and a focus on “quieter moments.” Furthermore, RIKI worked with fellow electronic luminary Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, The Black Queen) in his Pasadena studio, the album taking inspiration from, as its title suggests, notions of symbolic power and letting go of such notions in favor of more tangible matters of the heart. Preceded by the “Marigold” single, which can be preview streamed now on Bandcamp, Gold is due for release on November 26 via Dais Records in digital, CD, and vinyl formats – the latter is presented in multiple variants, including standard black, gold (limited to 200 copies), red-in-clear (limited to 400 copies), and cloudy white (limited to 600 copies); the album can be pre-ordered via the label’s webstore or digitally on Bandcamp.

In addition, RIKI will be appearing on the lineup of acts performing at this year’s ColdWaves IX in Chicago. Her inclusion follows the announcement that Clipping and Youth Code have opted to discontinue live appearances for the remainder of 2021 due to growing concerns and difficulties with the ensuing pandemic; along with RIKI, ADULT., GOST, and Rhys Fulber have been added to the lineup of bands, with Matt Fanale (Caustic, Klack) to perform a DJ set in place of DJ Zoltar. A full listing of performing bands and DJs can be found on the ColdWaves website, with RIKI scheduled to perform on Sunday, September 26.


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