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Four years since the coldwave and alt. metal act’s comeback album after a long absence, The Clay People is firing on all cylinders with Revolver Magazine‘s unveiling of the music video for the band’s new track, “Cult Hypnotica.” Presented in the band’s signature blend of high energy live performance and frenetic audiovisual horror, the title track from the forthcoming album draws heavily on The Clay People’s storied history in the music industry, with particular emphasis on “the ills of groupthink.” According to the band, Cult Hypnotica thematically deals with the spread of misinformation through media, religion, politics, and technology “to control human behavior and societal control,” all delivered through the group’s mesh of electro/industrial textures with riff-oriented guitar-driven fury.

Recorded in the midst of the pandemic, Cult Hypnotica marks the sixth full-length album from The Clay People, following up on 2018’s Demon Hero and Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies and Fables, due for release on July 1 via Overit Media; digital pre-orders are now available on Bandcamp. Along with plans to return to the stage and release additional music videos, the band is also currently working on a reissuing of The Clay People’s back catalog. Earlier this year, Top Cow Productions, Inc. released in association with EP1T0ME Studios, Inc. a comic book inspired by the song “Colossus.”



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