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REVillusion announces details of sophomore album, featuring guest performances from members of PIG, Stabbing Westward, and Chimaira
Two years after the New Extinction debut, REVillusion – the Philadelphia industrial/rock collective headed by producer/musician Brian E. Carter – has announced the release of the group’s sophomore album, HEART(less), on February 14. Taking on a “much darker and heavier” and more “industrial/metal” tone than the preceding record, Carter describes the themes on HEART(less) as “about the change in our culture, politics, social media, personal romance, and anything else in this world that doesn’t mind ripping your heart out one piece at a time… but once the last piece has been taken, you realize that you are truly set free.” He continues, “In a world polluted by a sinful, evil, and heartless culture, the only way to be truly happy is to give in… and become a sinful, evil, and heartless person.” With Mike Stewart and Matt Kurtz joining the ranks, REVillusion regularly features a number of guest collaborators, with HEART(less) featuring an even wider roster than the previous album, with Waylon Revis (A Killer’s Confession, ex-Mushroomhead) and Chris Hall (Stabbing Westward, The Dreaming) returning from New Extinction. Among the new guests on this album are Raymond Watts and En Esch (both of <PIG> and formerly of KMFDM), cellist Tina Guo, guitarist Mark Morales (Sons of Texas), Mark Hunter (Chimaira), Wes Raymond (The Soul Factory), guitarist Kirk Camardelle, and saxophonist Ronnie Bass. A lyric video for “Pure Pollution” was released on Halloween of 2018, featuring the inimitable vocals of the Lord of Lard, Raymond Watts. Of the album’s lyrics, Carter comments, “HEART(less)” is a very personal and introspective look at ourselves and the world we live in,” concluding with, “This Valentine’s Day, we hope you all fall in love… with HEART(less).”


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