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Finland’s Resolution 13 has signed with Sliptrick Records for the release of the band’s latest full-length record, with “T-13” serving as the album’s second single of 2023. Transposing the iconic drumbeat from Brad Fiedel’s theme for The Terminator, the song further showcases the band’s blend of groove metal with industrial and electronic production, the lyrics presenting a sci-fi narrative of fugitives from a prison planet being hunted by machines programmed to execute them. “It’s epic, it’s symphonic,” Resolution 13 states, describing the song as “Hans Zimmer meets metal.” Produced by Tero “Max” Kostermaa, mixed by Euge Valovirta (Cyhra), and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Cyhra, Volbeat, Amaranthe), “T-13” and the preceding “We Don’t Fall” will be featured on the forthcoming Derelict album.

Writing and recording for Derelict began in 2016, with the album continuing the narrative that began with 2015’s Colossal – the escapees from the prison planet of Resolution 13 have now crashed on an alien world, the opening “Out and Alone” detailing the loss of one character as he drifts without air or hope in the vastness of deep space. Derelict is due for release on May 23 via Sliptrick Records, with digital pre-orders available now on Bandcamp; since Colossal, the band had revealed “Evil Tormentor” and “General Mass,” which were initially to appear on Derelict, but are now available as standalone singles.


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