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Blending aspects of noise/rock and industrial, Reptoid has announced the release of a debut full-length album, titled Worship False Gods. Created by band founder and sole member Jordan Sobolew, the record presents his “somewhat misanthropic view of humanity” from the perspective of an alien being, with particularly critical observations of the worship of materialistic “gods” like greed, celebrity, and other insubstantial aspects of modern life; “we try to become the gods of our own little universes,” Sobolew comments, “just so we can stand above others and be worshiped ourselves. Recorded at Santo Recording Studio in Oakland with the assistance of Joe Finocchio, Sobolew created his brand of industrial noise with the intent “to convey frenetic, third eye opening energy;” his instrumentation included an array of drums, a sampler, and homemade fuzz pedals and noise devices, along with various other unorthodox implements, all performed live with no computer or backing tracks. Mastered by Carl Saff, Worship False Gods is due for release on August 28 via Learning Curve Records in digital and vinyl formats, with the opening track, “Planned Obsolescence,” available to stream now.


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