Apr 2019 01

Replicant reissues two EPs into single vinyl album
Blending elements of post-punk, synthwave, rock, and industrial, Chicago’s Replicant has now brought together its two latest EPs into a single vinyl package, A Taste of Midnight. Featuring all nine tracks from 2017’s The Reckoning and 2018’s The Resistance, the album marks Replicant’s “portrait of our modern dystopia,” a socially and politically charged commentary on “our current ill-equipped administration.” With both EPs available digitally as “name-your-price” items, donations were transferred to the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project; The Reckoning – originally released on November 8, 2017, exactly one year after the election – comprises Side A, while The Resistance – released on October 5, 2018, one month before the mid-term elections – marks Side B. A Taste of Midnight is Replicant’s call to protest against “a maniacal demagogue” commanding the Federal government, encouraging people to exercise their right to protest and resist, the band stating defiantly “Resistance is not futile.” A Taste of Midnight is available for pre-order now via Replicant’s Bandcamp, releasing on May 10.



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