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Garrett Vernon of Chicago electro/post-punk and synthwave act Replicant has taken a darker and more aggressive turn with the release of a new offshoot, known as Sledgehammer. As the name suggests, the project focuses on a more militant and guttural brand of industrial and metal, with the introductory Sheer Panic EP featuring six tracks of grinding guitars, shrill synths, and Vernon’s vicious vocals that contrast with Replicant’s more atmospheric and melodic approach; “While Replicant utilized the imagery of fists donning leather gloves, Sledgehammer’s Sheer Panic is what happens when the gloves come off.” The EP was written, recorded, and produced by Sledgehammer, while additional production, mix, and mastering was conducted by Sanford Parker (Mirrors of Psychic Warfare, Chrome Waves, Black Magnet, 5 R V L N 5). Sheer Panic was released on Friday, May 6 as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp.



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