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Re:Mission Entertainment to issue new collection of rarities from Fektion Fekler
Texas electro/industrial act Fektion Fekler has announced the release of a second volume of rarities and early recordings, titled Immersed Heroics Vol. II. This collection features tracks recorded from 1989 to 1992, culled from the cassette tape masters in the band’s archives to see the light of day for the first time; the collection will be released on May 17 via Re:Mission Entertainment in cassette format limited to 100 copies – 50 copies will be in red, while the other 50 will feature different colors; digital versions of the album are also available via Bandcamp. The first volume of Immersed Heroics was released in 2006, spanning the band’s early recordings from 1992-1995.


Fektion Fekler – the project of Bustamante rothers Robert and John – was formed in 1989, releasing the Distressed Tension debut in 1992; since then, the band had enjoyed small successes with albums and compilation releases on the Pendragon and Static Sky imprints, as well as the pair’s own Synthcere Records. The band had ceased activity in 2008 upon the release of the Angels of Analog retrospective collection. Since then, Robert began a new band, Wide Eye’d and Dreaming (W.E.A.D.), while John formed Kitty Kosmonaut with Dwayne Dassing of Mentallo & the Fixer; as of now, the brothers have no plans to reform Fektion Fekler.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


  1. Ilker Yücel says:


    Kitty Kosmonaut has an album available on CDBaby, released in 2015; the band has a Facebook page, although it looks like it’s not been updated since 2015. Beyond that, we’ve not found any other info on these bands other than the bio provided by Re:Mission Entertainment (except for a 2013 YouTube clip on Robert Bustamante’s page – https://youtu.be/0WWtblzRYTg).

  2. Robery says:

    @K Kitty Kosmonaut are working on their second album. But they are low key. No promo from that band. They write it, release it and that’s it. No label, no promo. You just have to hear about it somehow. They only printed 100 copies! I’m sure there all gone by now. As for Wide Eye’d and Dreaming. Well, Re:Mission mentioned that in an update of the Fektion Fekler bio. But I have no official release under that project yet…But oddly enough, the YouTube link provided above is a good idea what that project is about. In May 2018 I released a 5 track e.p. titled Strings, stutters and Static under the Fektion Fekler moniker, but really it should have been released as W.E.A.D, as I do all the music and vocals and John was not involved. If you want to hear W.E.A.D, this is what that sounds like. https://fektionfekler.bandcamp.com/album/strings-stutters-static-e-p

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