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30 years after Gary and Dwayne Dassing unveiled their first effort under the banner of Mentallo & The Fixer, Re:Mission Entertainment has announced details for a new reissue of the band’s No Rest For the Wicked. Originally comprised of seven tracks, subsequent reissues of the album by such labels as Metropolis, Zoth Ommog, and Alfa Matrix supplemented the record with remixes and other material recorded during the initial sessions from 1990-1991; Re:Mission’s new edition resembles the Metropolis reissue with an additional four remixes, all remastered for vinyl by JM Mastering. Due for release on October 25, No Rest For the Wicked is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp in 180g black and silver vinyl, each limited to 100 copies. As well, the album can be purchased digitally, along with autographed copies of the original Simbiose Records CD pressing from 1992, with only seven copies remaining at the time of this article.

“I came up with the title while still living in San Antonio working at a fast-food joint,” Gary Dassing explains, recounting the history of No Rest For the Wicked‘s conception and realization; “I was on a lunch break with a co-worker. She was telling me about family problems she was having and ended the conversation with this line: ‘It just goes to show there is no rest for the wicked.’ It hit me like a ton of bricks. I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted it down and put it in my back pocket. Little did I realize at the time this conversation would come full circle 30 years later.” Recorded in an unstructured and almost improvisational manner on limited equipment, the record would signal Mentallo & The Fixer’s arrival as a forceful entity in the EBM and industrial underground of the era. Gary Dassing would continue to helm the band after his brother’s departure in 1999, joining the Re:Mission Entertainment roster in 2021.


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