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At long last, after revealing the album track-by-track, musician/producer Klayton has announced the release date for the 25th Anniversary Edition of the celebrated 1995 self-titled debut from his industrial/metal band Circle of Dust. Although a remastered version of the original album had been released in 2016 as part of the project’s revival, this new release finds Klayton revisiting the album with a fresh outlook – no mere remaster, the 25th Anniversary Edition of Circle of Dust sees the artist fully remixing the record from the ground up, utilizing some of the original stem recordings, MIDI files, and even some of the hardware used more than a quarter-of-a-century ago. “Seeing all your positive comments along the way as the singles were being released made me even more excited to bring the original album to a new level,” Klayton enthusiastically states, going on to comment that “It’s still amazing to me that after 25 years, I was able to resurrect and reconnect the original hardware and MIDI from the debut Circle of Dust album and finally make the original songs sound the way I wished I could have made them sound in the ’90s.” Now presenting the record’s 10th track, “Parasite,” as the latest taste of Circle of Dust (25th Anniversary Edition), the album is scheduled to appear in digital and CD formats on October 1; with new artwork created by longtime collaborator Ninja Jo, pre-orders for the album are now available via the FiXT webstore and Bandcamp. The album was originally scheduled to appear in full before the end of 2020, while instrumental versions of the songs were also made available, as well as remixes by Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic, iVardensphere, Fury Weekend, The Anix, Soul Extract, Void Chapter, Alex Yarmak, and FreqGen.


In addition, Klayton has also revealed a new rendition of “Frozen” by his Celldweller moniker, with producer Dustin Musser reimagining the electro/metal anthem in a more mid-tempo club style under his Social Kid moniker. Originally a bootleg remix, Klayton explains that he “liked it so much I asked him if he was interested in getting the stems and turning it into an official remix.” Having earned his reputation as a bright light in the current EDM scene working with the likes of K Theory, Frost Raven, Subtap, SWARM, and more, Musser explains that he took the remix on only for fun at the suggestion of his wife; seeking to bridge the gap between industrial and EDM, he says that he “wanted to keep the spirit of ‘Frozen,’ while still adding a compelling EDM drop section that would sound exciting and fun at clubs, so everybody can enjoy it.” The Social Kid remix of “Frozen” is now available to purchase digitally via Bandcamp.


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