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Album CoverAfter nearly two decades out-of-print, the Cold Spring imprint under an official license from the Russian Feelee label has at last issued a new edition of the two COIL compilation albums A Guide For Beginners: The Voice of Silver and A Guide For Finishers: A Hair of Gold. Originally released in limited quantities of 1,000 each in 2001 to commemorate the esoteric experimental band’s first performance in Russia, this deluxe two-disc “Best Of” collection spans COIL’s entire career with selections from all of the group’s major albums; compiled by the band’s vanity label Eskaton in 2002 as The Golden Hare with a Voice of Silver, the two albums showcase COIL’s unique merging of genres with tracks hand-picked by the band at the time, with the titles devised by Russian musician and COIL collaborator Ivan Pavlov – stylistically, The Voice of Silver primarily focused on the more ambient material, while A Hair of Gold centers on the heavier industrial works. Presented in a glossy eight-panel digipak with spot matt-laminate varnish, the collection features the original artwork with text in English and Russian Cyrillic, as well as two artcards and a sticker, with all artwork approved by Feelee, who had reissued the albums individually as two-LP vinyl-only editions in 2018. A Guide For Beginners: The Voice of Silver and A Guide For Finishers: A Hair of Gold are due for release on October 23 in digital and CD formats, available to pre-order now via Bandcamp and the Cold Spring webstore.

Album CoverIn addition, Dais Records has announced that the label will be reissuing COIL’s highly acclaimed first volume of the Musick to Play in the Dark series, originally released in 1999. Blending elements of minimalist electronic, glitch, and ambient, the record was the first of two attribued to the group’s “moon musick” style, thematically signifying a shift from the earlier “solar” sounds of COIL’s output up to that point; moving to a Victorian house studio, the recording saw the band members – founders John Balance and Peter Christopherson with Welsh musician Thighpaulsandra and regular collaborator Drew McDowall – experimenting with new and vintage equipment, with Thighpaulsandra’s contributions by way of the Roland SH-101 and Synton Fenix driving the nearly 13-minute-long epic “Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night.” Remastered by engineer Josh Bonati, Dais will be releasing Musick to Play in the Dark, Vol. 1 in digital and CD formats, as well as on two-LP vinyl in multiple color variants – a white & black “moon phase” edition limited to 600 copies (with 83 remaining at the time of this article) and a milky white edition limited to 800 copies; black, clear purple, and white & black “nova” variants have all sold out. Furthermore, both the vinyl and CD will showcase restored artwork and layout by Nathaniel Young, packaged in a sturdy matte jacket with embossed lettering and spot-gloss design elements, all supervised by McDowall and Thighpaulsandra. With a release date of November 27, pre-orders are available via the Dais Records webstore and Bandcamp.


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